I breathe a gentle sigh of sweet relief today. The blends are done, the labels printed and finally, My Etsy Store is stocked. Not fully, but stocked none the less. Forgive this moment of shameless self-patting on the back – but I’m so happy about the work I’ve done and the beautiful blends that I’ve created. They smell wonderful and fit just right. I really like the angel ones and the ones for little ones. I like doing stuff for children, maybe because it reminds me of being a child again and I like that the things I create are from nature and best of all – help others. I worked on the blends for weeks. The harmony of Aromatherapy is such a subtle thing; you truly get better at it the more you do it. I knew that I wanted the blends to be cozy, to remind you of a flower garden outside a charming little country cottage. But I also wanted them to be natural, soothing and healing; to smell amazing, lovely and earthy. Here’s the Starry Night healing mist. It’s good for a restful night’s sleep with essences of Palmarosa, Danburite and other earthy goodness. Hubbykins especially likes this one for drifting off to Dream Land.



Now that the mists are up, albeit with plans for new, lovely creations on the way, I’ve decided that a well needed break is in order. I’ve been having fun with the new e-mailorder from Amy Karol. I made these cards using the paper cut pattern therein and they’ve gone over pretty well with the recipients. Maybe I’ll do some Star Trotting later tonight – if the clouds allow I think.



This morning was a Smoothie Morning. I know – you’re wondering what that is, aren’t you? Well a Smoothie Morning is when you wake up at your usual time, look up at the clock, roll over and snuggle back into your cozy comforter having decided that today will be one of those days when you will sleep as late as you like, roll out of bed near mid-day with the firm intention of spending the rest of the day in the sweet pursuit of doing absolutely nothing – after you make a quick smoothie for breakfast because you’re just plain not in the mood to make breakfast or rather brunch, because it is mid-morning after all. Luckily for me, my Smoothie Morning was only briefly interrupted by a warm kiss from Hubbykins before he headed off to work and this cute little face looking up at me from my side of the bed.


What a week it has been. Suffice to say I’m one tired little bunny and some rest is most certainly needed. Most of my time has been spent over at Enchanted Angels, changing this, refining that… Sometimes I wonder when it will all end and things will just be as they truly need to be – sort of settling snugly into the right spot the way Chloe does when she wants to take a nap. I know it all makes sense though, that there is a wonderful plan and purpose to it all and that all I need do is sway along gently with it like a swan on gentle lake waters. Perhaps I’m feeling a little poetic I think. I know this much though: That each new thing, trial, attempt helped me in the end, because now I can say, “this is me, that is not” and so and so.

Soon to come are lovely flowers and healing creations from my little garden here at Flower Childe Cottage – those will be here for next Spring. Now is a time for going in and resting because I’ve done so much this year. Did I tell you about my angel book for the little ones? I finished it some weeks ago and soon I’ll have some cover art I think. Meanwhile I’m busy making my list and checking it maybe once because I’m rather pooped, but handmade they probably will all be. Hubbykins asked me what I wanted for Christmas this year, mostly books I told him, maybe this bag I think or perhaps that pendant. I couldn’t decide. He only smiled and said, “let’s see what I can do?” So sweet that one, so sweet…