I breathe a gentle sigh of sweet relief today. The blends are done, the labels printed and finally, My Etsy Store is stocked. Not fully, but stocked none the less. Forgive this moment of shameless self-patting on the back – but I’m so happy about the work I’ve done and the beautiful blends that I’ve created. They smell wonderful and fit just right. I really like the angel ones and the ones for little ones. I like doing stuff for children, maybe because it reminds me of being a child again and I like that the things I create are from nature and best of all – help others. I worked on the blends for weeks. The harmony of Aromatherapy is such a subtle thing; you truly get better at it the more you do it. I knew that I wanted the blends to be cozy, to remind you of a flower garden outside a charming little country cottage. But I also wanted them to be natural, soothing and healing; to smell amazing, lovely and earthy. Here’s the Starry Night healing mist. It’s good for a restful night’s sleep with essences of Palmarosa, Danburite and other earthy goodness. Hubbykins especially likes this one for drifting off to Dream Land.



Now that the mists are up, albeit with plans for new, lovely creations on the way, I’ve decided that a well needed break is in order. I’ve been having fun with the new e-mailorder from Amy Karol. I made these cards using the paper cut pattern therein and they’ve gone over pretty well with the recipients. Maybe I’ll do some Star Trotting later tonight – if the clouds allow I think.



I spent the better part of this week in company with some new healing creations that I’m tweaking for my Etsy store, which will be re-stocked in a few days. I’m really happy with the healing mists and so far they’ve been well received. Some will still be available at Enchanted Angels but the full line and other beautiful creations will be available from the Etsy store. I love stopping by Etsy and seeing all the wonderful things that people are creating – so innovative and unique. Everyone has their own creative spirit, their own creative blueprint as I like to think about it. No two people will make the same thing in the same way and I think that’s a wonderful thing. It’s like there is room in the world for everyone and their own unique vision or blueprint that will resonate with different people.

Who knew Stargazing, could be so inspiring. It’s funny that I didn’t remember that because as child and teenager I enjoyed looking out my window and the vast blue above. ‘What are you looking at?’ my mother or someone near by would ask. It never felt as if I could have given a definitive answer, so I would reply, ‘Everything and nothing.’ The sky was another world with twinkling friends that smiled back at me and a blue moon that made my heart swell with a feeling I still cannot explain. This childhood love has returned and I’ve taken up this favourite pastime hobby-style learning more about maps and constellations. We planned to go out these last two nights but there was too much cloud cover, so hopefully will have better luck over the weekend. Here’s a picture I took of the moon some months ago:light-moon.jpg 

I really want to get the hang of this photography thing, this one I took one night on the highway, on low speed I think.  


Eeek! I can’t remember! A sad beginning do you think? Naaah, I’m getting there, in my own little way, I’m getting there. 

So for some time now I’ve been thinking about Little Flower Childe and what I want it to be. This last month has brought some changes for me and with my work over at Enchanted Angels and my writing it’s quite a bit to even add a craft business to all of that. I think what I’ve gently realized is that for me Flower Childe Cottage is about sharing my loves and what inspires me in the hope that it will in turn inspire someone to explore the world of creating and crafting in whichever medium or way they choose. For me creating is a place to find a certain kind of healing. Just the distraction of making something would brighten a sad day and carry me into the next. Some of the most challenging times in my life are coloured with creations from a craft newly learnt or an old favourite.  

It is a little sad for me to say goodbye to crafting for business but I’m much happier with how things have evolved. What you will now find at Flower Childe Cottage are things that are truly dear to me that I in turn share with you. Of course you can still find my musings about creating and updates about my stories but in addition you can read about my Healing Herbal Creations, Seasonal Letters for Little Ones, Patterns for Handmade Creations by Little Flower Childe and (drum roll please) ….. The Flower Childe Cottage Mail Order Club! 


 Can you tell that I’m super excited about this? Isn’t it really great when you open mail to find all sorts of goodies all wrapped up just for you? One of my favourite things in the world is getting fun mail and so I thought I’d share this and some of my loves with you. I’m happy and excited to announce the start of the Flower Childe Cottage Mail Order Club. The FCC Mail Order club is a quarterly subscription club. Each subscription is beautifully packaged, enclosed with little goodies and mailed to you. In your mail order you will find:

©       Inspiration Cards

©       A Healing Herbal Recipe from Flower Childe Garden

©       A craft project for big people or for big people who want to craft with little people

©       Ideas for seasonal activities in and healing with Nature

©       A surprise little knick-knack or doo-dad! Subscription announcements will be made here at Flower Childe Cottage. 

Each subscription is $10 which includes postage. The Yule 2007 Subscription will go on sale shortly. Please e-mail: flowerchilde@enchantedangels.com to reserve a subscription or join the mailing list to receive updates.  

So there we have it, my big announcement. Have a splendid day!