In the garden at Flower Childe Cottage beautiful little things are blooming. I love flowers and plants and enjoy using them as elements in my crafty projects. In addition to that I’ve been studying aromatherapy and the use of herbs for beauty and healing for a few years now. So from Flower Childe Garden will come Healing Herb and Fower creations for gentle care, fun and healing, made with love. I make items for custom order and a  few will be posted shortly. (I should let you know that the faeries do like to stop by here every now and then for some fun, magic and nature wisdom…wink,wink!)

New! Healing Mists from Flower Childe Garden
Energetic Healing Mists soothe and uplift and are good for meditation and clearing space. They are a blend of organic essential oils, crystal, gemstone and flower essences charged with healing energies. If you’d like to purchase them, please send me an e-mail.

Rainy Evening Healing Mist – $8
The Rainy Evening healing mist is inspired by the clear, earthy energies of a garden after a shower of rain. This blend is both uplifting and grounding and is especially helpful for the sensitive. It allows one to return after meditation to a space of connectedness to the earth.
Includes: Essences of Rosewood, Patchouli, Aquamarine, Honeysuckle Flower Essence and other essences.


Unicron Fields Healing Mists: $8
The mythical unicorns help us to connect with the pure and child-like innocence within our hearts. This blend is excellent for meditation, quieting the mind and clarifying and protecting the aura. It’s also wonderful for little ones and encouraging a good night’s rest filled with magical dreams.
Includes: Essences of Lavender, Cedarwood, Lavender Spirit Quartz and other essences


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  1. yhen Says:

    hi, nice blog! very interesting! keep it up! godbless!

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