Toaday was one of those days where joy and delight meet with frustaraion. I spent most of it working on an article for a magazine which left little time for me to work on the character sketches for the next story. I think the lasses like to tease sometimes; when you’re busy with something else, all the inspiration and creative ideas in the world rush through and around you. Then when you get the chance to scribble everything down, they’ve floated away like smoke on the ether.

Strangely enough moments like these remind me of how much I like to write, especially for children. Such moments awaken that wistful feeling that makes my heart flutter and my soul sing; I would never trade it for anything.

So tonight, I know I will drift off to sleep in the land of stars with sparkles in my soul as I look to a new day, with another chance to bring my inner world to life with words and lots and lots of imagination.

This summer I bought a few books:

Summer Books

Mostly, hobby/crafts books. I learnt more about sewing, tried to improve my drawing (still a work-in-progress),

Knitt Patterns

Experimented with new knit patterns, learnt more about ‘cottage style’:

Cottage Inspiration

And even bunnies ( I definately want one now):

Bunny Book

And through it all, kept my Craft Cupboard in tact:

Craft Cubboard

This was probably the first summer that I’ve never bought a book about writing. Strangely enough, I think this worked out for me. I got to explore another part of who I am and enjoy a childhood love – making stuff. And in the end it only made me love writing even more.

Now summer’s at an end and with happy expectation and hope I return to my papers and notebooks and my longtime love. Me and the lasses, in the garden again, weaving stories in the quiet afternoons…

Hurricane Dean passed over the island a week ago on Sunday. Without the intention of wanting to sound noncholant, I have to say that for us (as in my neighbourhood) it wasn’t really that bad – perhaps because we’ve had worse. Since Gilbert in the early 1990’s hurricane have taken up their own ‘special’ position in the psychce of Jamaicans. Some say Gilbert humbled us (because so many did not take it seriously) because of its devastating effect on the country and since then we have become really, really cautious about Tropical Storms and the like. The mere possibility of an impending storm sends everyone into what I like to call, ‘Hurricane Mode.’ We flock to the shops and supermarket to buy supplies: candles, kerosene oil, crackers, batteries and the very popular – corned beef. We stock up on extra candles and catch water for storage and buy gasoline…you know just in case. I think it’s interestng that experience can be the greatest teacher. We learned from the experience of Gilbert which transformed us into a country that is prepared for the onset of Natural Disasters – something to be proud of for a relatively young nation.

Well the storm passed and our recovery was good, most of us had light and water within two days and things are getting back on stream. Now it’s time to start thinking about my book again and where Emily’s next adventure will take her. The truth is, I’m not very sure at the moment. Sometimes these things just come and as I’ve said before there’s no use rushing the lasses called Creativity and Inspiration. I think as every writer knows – it’s nice to know. It’s nice to have a blueprint, a roadmap of the journey of every piece of work. But most times than not, the story unfolds itself in its own way and time. What can a writer do but simply write? Write until it comes, write until the story gently awakens, takes your hand and leads you down the path of its own unique adventure and journey.

Over the weekend I bought myself my very own copy of ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.’ This is one of my favourite stories and when I saw the book I couldn’t resist picking it up. I love reading classic children’s literarture. So, on Monday evening, with my new book in hand, I curled up in bed to read. Soon, I like Alice, had followed the white rabbit to the land of dreams and when I woke up it was 3am in the morning and a rainy evening had turned into a stormy summer night – with bright bolts of lightning and heavy thunder rolls.

Of course I couldn’t get back to sleep and I laid awake thinking about my books and the new website for Little Flower Childe. These are some of my best moments of inspiration and I let my thoughts roam as I wondered about the book covers, what colours to use on the site and ideas for new creations. It feels like so many ideas I had are coming to light and that’s wonderful but also a little daunting… I find myself worrying about some of the simplest things (smile). Maybe this too, like inspiration, is all a part of the creative process, that all of us  who love to create have experienced at one time or the other.

Well, what do you know I’ve been tagged by my Fairy Friend Ronni. Ronni is a Fairy Healer, Animal Intuitive and of course, an Artist.

Hmm… this is my first tag, I think I’m supposed to write eight things about myself. Well here goes:

  1. I love fancy goldfish. I try to keep them alive for more than six months but it’s yet to truly happen. The man at the pet store keeps telling me that I need to get at least a fifty gallon tank, but I don’t have the space right now…drats! So for now I am quietly nursing that little love of mine.
  2. On the whole I’m pretty reserved and what people like to call ‘dreamy’ but when they  get to know me they encounter my playful side. I’m very child-like in many ways and my husband is convinced that I’m still four years old in my heart. This is the part of myself that is most dear to me because it keeps me connected to  the truth of my heart.
  3. I’m very spiritual. I beieve in Angels, God, Fairies and that our souls never die. Next to family, my spirituality is my deepest love and of course writing and making stuff.
  4. I went to graduate school but forget I actually did most of the time. The most important things to me are love and being creative. I have to write and create and such…
  5. Speaking of writing, I love to keep journals, I think I have more than eight right now. Maybe it’s a writer thing but I love buying journals and filling their pages with my thoughts. Writing is my art.
  6. My favourite craft….. I love all sorts of crafts, but maybe my favourite would be embroidery and sewing. I started in prep (middle) school and it has stuck with me ever since. No matter how many new things I try I always go back to sewing.
  7. I collect fancy evening bags (I love those inspired by the 1930’s and 1940’s) and scarves.
  8. I’m very romantic in the truest sense. My soul is deeply moved by beauty and love and my heart swells when I experience beauty in Art.

There you have it, eight things about me *smile*.

Summer has already begun so perhaps I’m a little late, choosing to tackle this excercise right now. I’ve been drawing and crafting a bit lately so I think I’m due for a little break to re-charge my batteries.

This summer I want to get back to my stories so I think I’ll work on some plans and outlines and begin the narrative around September. I also have a new little idea budding, so I want to do some planning – but more of that later on.

So there we have it: I’ve proclaimed to myself, this summer is meant for planning and quietly nurturing new ideas so that they can come to light….

Have a lovely weekend!

Home Sweet Home Lantern

Kitchen Table

So there I was – books, pens and notes in hand, all geared up to do some writing. In a matter of minutes the most unpredictable thing happened… a power outage. Drats! There we were in the dark with Chloe running around all excited as we tried to find the flashlight.

Well, the flashlight could not be found so we settled on our ‘Home Sweet Home’ lamp/lantern. These are a bit of a tradition here; most people have at least one in their home. So I lit the lantern, picked up my pen ready to write by candle light (how romantic)but once again became distracted – but this time with my own fancies.

I thought, “hmmm…this makes a lovely set-up….hmmm…I should take a few pics.” In the end they didn’t come out quite the way I wanted (too much flash), but pretty enough none the less.

Today I started thinking about ideas for a short picture book and of course I started to come up with illustrations too. I love ideas…can you tell? Perhaps this will be better than my novel. Either way I find I like writing or expressing certain ideas, such as childhood or those that will relate most to children. I think that’s the centre of my art or creative expression.

I was also thinking about summer projects and mostly I need to do some spring cleaning. My craft cupboard is a little messy and needs some organizing. Of course I’ll be knitting too but what I’m really excited about is the art class I’m starting soon. I draw a lot on my own but I thought it would be interesting to try a formal class. The last one I did was in high school.

Yesterday I checked out IllustrationFriday.com and I’m excited about working on my first post. I’m enjoying this journey into art or rather another form of self-expression. Stay tuned for my IF posts.