What a week it has been. Suffice to say I’m one tired little bunny and some rest is most certainly needed. Most of my time has been spent over at Enchanted Angels, changing this, refining that… Sometimes I wonder when it will all end and things will just be as they truly need to be – sort of settling snugly into the right spot the way Chloe does when she wants to take a nap. I know it all makes sense though, that there is a wonderful plan and purpose to it all and that all I need do is sway along gently with it like a swan on gentle lake waters. Perhaps I’m feeling a little poetic I think. I know this much though: That each new thing, trial, attempt helped me in the end, because now I can say, “this is me, that is not” and so and so.

Soon to come are lovely flowers and healing creations from my little garden here at Flower Childe Cottage – those will be here for next Spring. Now is a time for going in and resting because I’ve done so much this year. Did I tell you about my angel book for the little ones? I finished it some weeks ago and soon I’ll have some cover art I think. Meanwhile I’m busy making my list and checking it maybe once because I’m rather pooped, but handmade they probably will all be. Hubbykins asked me what I wanted for Christmas this year, mostly books I told him, maybe this bag I think or perhaps that pendant. I couldn’t decide. He only smiled and said, “let’s see what I can do?” So sweet that one, so sweet…


This morning I was thinking about my previous post, “One Word at a Time”, I’ve been finding it a little hard to get back into the daily groove of writing. I think it’s because there are these other projects on my plate at the moment. The thing is I don’t want to procrastinate – another habit of mine (sheepish grin), but sometimes you just cannot force it. It’s a tricky balance sort of like the Tricky Cat pose in Yoga (gosh, that was so random, but you get my drift right?). The lasses of Creativity and Inspiration have other ideas in mind right now, because I seem to be getting lots of ideas for new items for the shop. I’ll tell you about the latest one next week and I’m so excited about it. For that I am grateful; it’s just that the wistful part of me longs to go back to the Enchanted Realm, although I am not sure what will come next. We’ll see how it goes, and if the lasses will help me with that in the week to come.

Have a great weekend!

The LFC website should be up and running by the end of the day, after many long evenings of work (*smile*)! The site can be viewed at

I used my lunch break to take a stroll to the shopping mall not far from where I work. Besides the blaring lunch hour traffic I always enjoy these mini-trips because it’s a chance to be creative in a way. Most times I don’t go looking for anything in particular but almost everytime I leave with some little knick-knack or the other. Toady I bought some mini bouquets of silk flowers and also an inexpensive alphabet stamp set. I think both will come in handy later tonight when I work on some cards and/or tags for the shop.

I’m counting down the days until I’ll be home again, when I can dedicate myself to my heart’s desires: writing for art and crafting for play. I’m a thinker or perhaps a better term is ‘daydreamer’ or ‘muser’. My ‘musing time’ is very important to me. It’s when I do nothing and creativity takes over and new ideas form and take shape. This ‘musing time’ is very important to my writing and my play. It’s the thing I’ve probably missed the most. I like the idea of lovingly creating my life and evrything in it. For me, my physical life, revolves around my home and I’ve missed just being home, playing in my couch (by that I mean crafting *smile*) or drifting off into my own little Narnia. I miss seeing a new pattern and painting it on the bathroom walls just because I felt inspired to do so. I miss early morning thrift excursions. I miss not having a routine. So now, as you can imagine I’m looking forward to all these things. Just the simplicty of creating, of being at play of just being able to be – fully.

I’m still working on the website, last week I had quite a bit of a hassle getting some graphics. I really need to get my own photoshop software. Furthermore, I fear my computer is balking under the pressure of all the work I’ve been doing since last August and it’s quite possible that I’ll need another before the year ends. I’m all for a MAC at this stage but I will continue using my current laptop, if not for anything but the sentimental attachment I have to it.

We’ll see how it goes…

My First Piece2

Do you remember your very first project? You know the one that made you feel like you truly created something? For me, my very first piece was this small tablecloth I made in fourth or fifth grade I think. It took me a while to complete it because I tried to carefully make each and every stitch. Every afternoon at craft time, the class would spend some time working on their own individual project or piece. I remember carefully folding the edges to make the cross or herring bone stitch as my teacher called it and searching through books to find the unusual embellishment that I embroidered in the corner of the cloth. Of course that was some years ago. I actually found it last weekend in my mother’s kitchen – she had kept and both used it all these years, so as you can imagine it’s not as ‘new looking’ as its once was.

My First Piece