Home Sweet Home Lantern

Kitchen Table

So there I was – books, pens and notes in hand, all geared up to do some writing. In a matter of minutes the most unpredictable thing happened… a power outage. Drats! There we were in the dark with Chloe running around all excited as we tried to find the flashlight.

Well, the flashlight could not be found so we settled on our ‘Home Sweet Home’ lamp/lantern. These are a bit of a tradition here; most people have at least one in their home. So I lit the lantern, picked up my pen ready to write by candle light (how romantic)but once again became distracted – but this time with my own fancies.

I thought, “hmmm…this makes a lovely set-up….hmmm…I should take a few pics.” In the end they didn’t come out quite the way I wanted (too much flash), but pretty enough none the less.