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‘H’ is for Halloween! I love Halloween. The pumpkins and ghouls and ghosts and costumes. The holiday has become quite popular here in recent years and each year we keep planning to go to one of those big parties, but instead we end up staying home to watch movies and eat sweets. Maybe this year will be different….nah…

My other ‘H”s – Happiness: I believe in true happiness and joy. The kind that makes you feel content with the smallest things and inspires you to see beauty in everything and everyone. Another ‘H’ : Handmade. I enjoy making things and browsing around at Etsy to see all the cool things crafters make and reading craft blogs is one of my favourite pastimes. For me handmade is sort of reminiscent of a charming cottage life where everything is made with love and kept from one generation the next. Nowadays so much is commercialized but nothing beats receiving a beautifully crafted gift, made with love.



The Letter ‘G’ – ‘G’ is for goldfish. I love goldfish, particularly fancy goldfish… you now those nice plump, pretty coloured ones with the long fan tails. They always remind me of a dream – as if they’re suspended in mid-air or something. I love dreams and I love goldfish. The thing is I haven’t had much luck with keeping them alive. Goldfish keepers keep telling me that I need a big tank but I’m so charmed by the quaint idea of a round goldfish bowl with one goldfish right here on my desk to keep me company while I write. Hopefully Ms. Chloe won’t get too jealous. Every time we walk by the pet store I almost always have to go inside to look wistfully at the goldfish. Hubbykins sort of rolls his eyes with a look of amusement mixed with, ‘are we doing this again?’ Then I buy the goldfish anyway, take it home and hope and pray that it stays alive. They don’t and I have a little heartbreak and Hubbykins gives me the same look again, only this time there’s some sympathy mixed in. ‘Perhaps next time,’ he says, and the little hope stirs in my heart again…

My other ‘G”s – I remembered them last night! Hmm…I’ll have to get back to this.

Fairy’s Fairy by Josephine Wall

‘F’ – is for Faeries/Fairies/Fayres/Fae/Fey the intrinsic inhabitants of nature who inspire our imaginations and show us how to care for our Earth and all that exists from and in it. Faeries have so many incarnations from winged sylphs to tree spirits and magical creatures such as unicorns.

My other ‘F”s – Faerie Art (such as the one above by Josephine Wall), Fun, Fried Fish and Bammy (another Jamaican favourite). 

‘E’  – is for Enchantment. I like things to be beautiful, enchanting… and as such I like the idea of enchantment. I think Enchantment sometimes has a negative connotation attached to it. Maybe people think of trickery or illusion. When I think of Enchantment, I imagine beauty, charm the awakening of something wistful within us due to inspiration. To be enchanted is to connect with that place within us that is inspired by beauty, for example the mysteries, wonder and magnificence of Nature. Enchantment also makes me think of fairies but that’s for my next post (*smile*). 

My other ‘E”s – elephants (aren’t the baby ones just so cute?), expression (especially self-expression through art and creativity), eggs (I love scrambles with cinnamon bagle and cream cheese).

‘D’ – is for….dolphins! Dolphins are one of my favourite animals. They have such a playful, open, loving and peaceful energy. Having a dolphin experience is truly therapy. The first time I saw a real, live dolphin was at a dolphin park in Ocho Rios. When the dolphins swam up to us, I was like, wow – totally overwhelmed by the size of these creatures. I got over it pretty quickly though and when I touched the dolphin, I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered that it felt warm. So much for high school biology.

My other ‘D”s – dumplings: fried dumplings, a Jamaican staple that I am yet to perfect. They’re good with ackee…yummmm. Other ‘D”s: dogs (I love English Cocker Spaniels…did you meet my Chloe?) dancing – especially ballet and belly-dancing, dandy-shandy – a fun childhood game…kinda like dodge ball but without the net and a lot less violent.


‘C’ – is for Chloe, my trusty assistant who keeps me company while I write, muse and make stuff. She just turned one year old. Her hobbies are poking her little nose everywhere, chewing her favourite toys, shedding on almost everything and barking at her own reflection. But most of all she loves curling up at our feet.

My Other ‘C”s – cats (I’m not a big fan), cashmere (very soft and comforting), I don’t have that many ‘C”s it seems…ah well.


‘B’ is for butterflies – I like butterflies or flutterbies as I like to call them. They symbolize soul evolution, growth, emerging and change. They are also a symbol of purity and beauty.

My other ‘B”s – bunnies (especially the ones with floppy ears), bun and cheese (an Easter tradition in Jamaica), bundt (they make my favourite cake shape)…let me see…how could I forget? BOOKS of course! I love books and reading books and keeping books for journaling.

Well that’s my ‘B’. Have a lovely weekend.

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