This morning was a Smoothie Morning. I know – you’re wondering what that is, aren’t you? Well a Smoothie Morning is when you wake up at your usual time, look up at the clock, roll over and snuggle back into your cozy comforter having decided that today will be one of those days when you will sleep as late as you like, roll out of bed near mid-day with the firm intention of spending the rest of the day in the sweet pursuit of doing absolutely nothing – after you make a quick smoothie for breakfast because you’re just plain not in the mood to make breakfast or rather brunch, because it is mid-morning after all. Luckily for me, my Smoothie Morning was only briefly interrupted by a warm kiss from Hubbykins before he headed off to work and this cute little face looking up at me from my side of the bed.



As this year draws to a close and another draws to a close, I’d like to wish you all a merry, merry Christmas/Yule and wonderful blessings for the New Year. See you then!

I had such a lovely day on Tuesday. A little and well needed respite from all work I’ve been doing. It was sort of like a finale to it all, like when you have a party at the end of semester when all your finals are finally, finally over! For my ‘party’ me and some family went to Dolphin Cove in Ocho Rios. We saw dolphins:


Watched them frolic in the sun with their trainers:


Enjoyed the beautiful sea (including jet boat ride):


And after many pictures some good others not so good, a dolphin encounter experience, late lunch, browsing in the gift shops and watching the waves on the ocean it was time to go and leave our gentle friends behind – a wonderful day indeed.



What a week it has been. Suffice to say I’m one tired little bunny and some rest is most certainly needed. Most of my time has been spent over at Enchanted Angels, changing this, refining that… Sometimes I wonder when it will all end and things will just be as they truly need to be – sort of settling snugly into the right spot the way Chloe does when she wants to take a nap. I know it all makes sense though, that there is a wonderful plan and purpose to it all and that all I need do is sway along gently with it like a swan on gentle lake waters. Perhaps I’m feeling a little poetic I think. I know this much though: That each new thing, trial, attempt helped me in the end, because now I can say, “this is me, that is not” and so and so.

Soon to come are lovely flowers and healing creations from my little garden here at Flower Childe Cottage – those will be here for next Spring. Now is a time for going in and resting because I’ve done so much this year. Did I tell you about my angel book for the little ones? I finished it some weeks ago and soon I’ll have some cover art I think. Meanwhile I’m busy making my list and checking it maybe once because I’m rather pooped, but handmade they probably will all be. Hubbykins asked me what I wanted for Christmas this year, mostly books I told him, maybe this bag I think or perhaps that pendant. I couldn’t decide. He only smiled and said, “let’s see what I can do?” So sweet that one, so sweet…

A few months ago I came across this really inspiring blog. I don’t remember the name of the blog but it was about a crafter sharing his/ her experience with depression and how knitting helped them to heal and recover. I think we can all remember a time in our lives when crafting was our therapy; our respite from challenges or not so pleasant experiences. Losing ourselves in stitches or scrapping or gluing and embellishing awakened something in our hearts that took us to another place within where we could explore and expand and create. That’s one of the reasons why I love reading crafty blogs. Each blog gives you a little peak into the unique world of someone else and it’s always a sweet surprise to realize that we all do have this one thing in common – that we create from the heart, to bring a little joy to others which in turn brings us more joy and delight. 

I’m getting what I affectionately call, ‘the book itch’ again. You know that feeling you get when you want a cool book to curl up with on the sofa, filled with lots of interesting and inspiring craft projects? I do have one on the way in the mail, but could it get here already! I decided to make Christmas gifts this year and I want to get along with it instead of waiting until the last minute. So far I’m one down and many to go. These lavender booties are for my little cousin.   


I think I may stick to a theme, for example vintage aprons for the women… I’m not sure yet. Meanwhile Ms. Chloë has been pretty quiet. Maybe she’s bored with her toy or grown out of the ‘puppy’ mind set, I don’t know. The other day she came back from the groomers, clean and smelling sweet but pooped! I guess looking cute and adorable does require more energy than previously imagined.  


Here I am, almost three weeks post-travel and a little tired from all the work I’ve been doing over at Enchanted Angels and Enchanted Angel Paths. It’s nice to be here again, back at Flower Childe Cottage, musing and such. I could talk about the craziness of Hartsfield Airport but it’s nicer to talk about the lovely time I spent in Laguna Beach – the blue, sunny skies, crisp air and musical ocean.  I close my eyes and I’m there again.  

Laguna Beach

Back at home things are quieter. The rainy season in here and days of showers are followed by nights that are truly romantic. Somehow everything seems fresh and dewy and earthy as the bright moon shines down from above. Even Chloë seems more sedate or maybe she just seems quieter because she has a new toy to keep her occupied – either way it works for me. You’ve probably noticed that the Little Flower Childe website is down and that is because I’ve decided to put more of my energy into my work at Enchanted Angels. I’ll still keep Flower Childe Cottage and let you know about new crafy stuff I’ve made or words I’ve put to paper. I could never give these things up you know – writing and making stuff and The Lasses have been rather helpful these last two weeks. Perhaps I’ll put the Etsy shop back up, I’m not sure yet, but everything will be posted here at Flower Childe Cottage. 

Hubbykins bought me these on Saturday. What greater felicity is there than a bunch of soft pink buds about to bloom? What a pretty word – ‘felicity.’ Maybe Chloë thinks so too although she’s probably more concerned with her ball here.  


I’ve scattered them about and of course I had to put some on my vanity so that I could see them in the morning when I wake up. Have you ever felt that there were things in your life that were still buds? Waiting to unfold into bright and brilliant blooms? Maybe that’s what these symbolize for me right now. I made these last Friday:  


Little Key Purses with flower embellishments – naturally! I don’t even remember what inspired me to make them. Now that I think about it, I probably just wanted to sit by my machine and hear its familiar and comforting hum as I sewed away with thoughts of flowers in my head.

Toaday was one of those days where joy and delight meet with frustaraion. I spent most of it working on an article for a magazine which left little time for me to work on the character sketches for the next story. I think the lasses like to tease sometimes; when you’re busy with something else, all the inspiration and creative ideas in the world rush through and around you. Then when you get the chance to scribble everything down, they’ve floated away like smoke on the ether.

Strangely enough moments like these remind me of how much I like to write, especially for children. Such moments awaken that wistful feeling that makes my heart flutter and my soul sing; I would never trade it for anything.

So tonight, I know I will drift off to sleep in the land of stars with sparkles in my soul as I look to a new day, with another chance to bring my inner world to life with words and lots and lots of imagination.

Hurricane Dean passed over the island a week ago on Sunday. Without the intention of wanting to sound noncholant, I have to say that for us (as in my neighbourhood) it wasn’t really that bad – perhaps because we’ve had worse. Since Gilbert in the early 1990’s hurricane have taken up their own ‘special’ position in the psychce of Jamaicans. Some say Gilbert humbled us (because so many did not take it seriously) because of its devastating effect on the country and since then we have become really, really cautious about Tropical Storms and the like. The mere possibility of an impending storm sends everyone into what I like to call, ‘Hurricane Mode.’ We flock to the shops and supermarket to buy supplies: candles, kerosene oil, crackers, batteries and the very popular – corned beef. We stock up on extra candles and catch water for storage and buy gasoline…you know just in case. I think it’s interestng that experience can be the greatest teacher. We learned from the experience of Gilbert which transformed us into a country that is prepared for the onset of Natural Disasters – something to be proud of for a relatively young nation.

Well the storm passed and our recovery was good, most of us had light and water within two days and things are getting back on stream. Now it’s time to start thinking about my book again and where Emily’s next adventure will take her. The truth is, I’m not very sure at the moment. Sometimes these things just come and as I’ve said before there’s no use rushing the lasses called Creativity and Inspiration. I think as every writer knows – it’s nice to know. It’s nice to have a blueprint, a roadmap of the journey of every piece of work. But most times than not, the story unfolds itself in its own way and time. What can a writer do but simply write? Write until it comes, write until the story gently awakens, takes your hand and leads you down the path of its own unique adventure and journey.