I spent the better part of this week in company with some new healing creations that I’m tweaking for my Etsy store, which will be re-stocked in a few days. I’m really happy with the healing mists and so far they’ve been well received. Some will still be available at Enchanted Angels but the full line and other beautiful creations will be available from the Etsy store. I love stopping by Etsy and seeing all the wonderful things that people are creating – so innovative and unique. Everyone has their own creative spirit, their own creative blueprint as I like to think about it. No two people will make the same thing in the same way and I think that’s a wonderful thing. It’s like there is room in the world for everyone and their own unique vision or blueprint that will resonate with different people.

Who knew Stargazing, could be so inspiring. It’s funny that I didn’t remember that because as child and teenager I enjoyed looking out my window and the vast blue above. ‘What are you looking at?’ my mother or someone near by would ask. It never felt as if I could have given a definitive answer, so I would reply, ‘Everything and nothing.’ The sky was another world with twinkling friends that smiled back at me and a blue moon that made my heart swell with a feeling I still cannot explain. This childhood love has returned and I’ve taken up this favourite pastime hobby-style learning more about maps and constellations. We planned to go out these last two nights but there was too much cloud cover, so hopefully will have better luck over the weekend. Here’s a picture I took of the moon some months ago:light-moon.jpg 

I really want to get the hang of this photography thing, this one I took one night on the highway, on low speed I think.  


Eeek! I can’t remember! A sad beginning do you think? Naaah, I’m getting there, in my own little way, I’m getting there. 

I am so delighted to be back at my blog again, but before I go into that let me wish you the happiest of New Years filled with wonderful dreams and hopes and accomplishments. I look back at the past year and some of it seems all fuzzy. I worked so very much and, yes, I admit it: I need to slow down. I think part of being successful is truly understanding yourself as your primary resource and understand your strengths and limitations and respecting your energy. So this year one of my resolutions (made yesterday, actually) is to use my energy more wisely. To do what I truly love, with all my heart and to take away what doesn’t fall into that category. As a healer, it always amazes me (and by amaze I mean in that, ‘I knew that but it’s wonderful to remember it every now and then,’ kinda way) that sometimes, to make something better, to heal something; sometimes we just need to clear. To clarify what we really desire and release what no longer serves us, to take away so that truth can be unearthed. 

So, what’s on your craft agenda this year? Will you be learning a new craft? Building on what you already know? Sharing your creativity with others? I really enjoyed making Christmas gifts over the holidays, especially the aprons. People really love receiving something handmade, I think because it feels as if someone cared so much to take the time to make something – just for you. Thus, I think I’ll be making more handmade gifts this year, working on my photography and reading the wonderful crafting books that I know we’ll be seeing. Hopefully I’ll have a nice book review for you soon.  

Did I tell you about my idea book? I keep clippings from magazines in it, for inspiration. Sometimes I just flip through it for the sheer joy and fun of it and as a beautiful reminder that even the smallest of things begin as just that – a simple idea.


A few months ago I came across this really inspiring blog. I don’t remember the name of the blog but it was about a crafter sharing his/ her experience with depression and how knitting helped them to heal and recover. I think we can all remember a time in our lives when crafting was our therapy; our respite from challenges or not so pleasant experiences. Losing ourselves in stitches or scrapping or gluing and embellishing awakened something in our hearts that took us to another place within where we could explore and expand and create. That’s one of the reasons why I love reading crafty blogs. Each blog gives you a little peak into the unique world of someone else and it’s always a sweet surprise to realize that we all do have this one thing in common – that we create from the heart, to bring a little joy to others which in turn brings us more joy and delight. 

I’m getting what I affectionately call, ‘the book itch’ again. You know that feeling you get when you want a cool book to curl up with on the sofa, filled with lots of interesting and inspiring craft projects? I do have one on the way in the mail, but could it get here already! I decided to make Christmas gifts this year and I want to get along with it instead of waiting until the last minute. So far I’m one down and many to go. These lavender booties are for my little cousin.   


I think I may stick to a theme, for example vintage aprons for the women… I’m not sure yet. Meanwhile Ms. Chloë has been pretty quiet. Maybe she’s bored with her toy or grown out of the ‘puppy’ mind set, I don’t know. The other day she came back from the groomers, clean and smelling sweet but pooped! I guess looking cute and adorable does require more energy than previously imagined.  


Here I am, almost three weeks post-travel and a little tired from all the work I’ve been doing over at Enchanted Angels and Enchanted Angel Paths. It’s nice to be here again, back at Flower Childe Cottage, musing and such. I could talk about the craziness of Hartsfield Airport but it’s nicer to talk about the lovely time I spent in Laguna Beach – the blue, sunny skies, crisp air and musical ocean.  I close my eyes and I’m there again.  

Laguna Beach

Back at home things are quieter. The rainy season in here and days of showers are followed by nights that are truly romantic. Somehow everything seems fresh and dewy and earthy as the bright moon shines down from above. Even Chloë seems more sedate or maybe she just seems quieter because she has a new toy to keep her occupied – either way it works for me. You’ve probably noticed that the Little Flower Childe website is down and that is because I’ve decided to put more of my energy into my work at Enchanted Angels. I’ll still keep Flower Childe Cottage and let you know about new crafy stuff I’ve made or words I’ve put to paper. I could never give these things up you know – writing and making stuff and The Lasses have been rather helpful these last two weeks. Perhaps I’ll put the Etsy shop back up, I’m not sure yet, but everything will be posted here at Flower Childe Cottage. 

Hubbykins bought me these on Saturday. What greater felicity is there than a bunch of soft pink buds about to bloom? What a pretty word – ‘felicity.’ Maybe Chloë thinks so too although she’s probably more concerned with her ball here.  


I’ve scattered them about and of course I had to put some on my vanity so that I could see them in the morning when I wake up. Have you ever felt that there were things in your life that were still buds? Waiting to unfold into bright and brilliant blooms? Maybe that’s what these symbolize for me right now. I made these last Friday:  


Little Key Purses with flower embellishments – naturally! I don’t even remember what inspired me to make them. Now that I think about it, I probably just wanted to sit by my machine and hear its familiar and comforting hum as I sewed away with thoughts of flowers in my head.

To dream of the person you would like to be,

Is to waste the person you are.

– Anonymous (The Women’s Book of Positive Quotations, 2002)

Toaday was one of those days where joy and delight meet with frustaraion. I spent most of it working on an article for a magazine which left little time for me to work on the character sketches for the next story. I think the lasses like to tease sometimes; when you’re busy with something else, all the inspiration and creative ideas in the world rush through and around you. Then when you get the chance to scribble everything down, they’ve floated away like smoke on the ether.

Strangely enough moments like these remind me of how much I like to write, especially for children. Such moments awaken that wistful feeling that makes my heart flutter and my soul sing; I would never trade it for anything.

So tonight, I know I will drift off to sleep in the land of stars with sparkles in my soul as I look to a new day, with another chance to bring my inner world to life with words and lots and lots of imagination.

This morning I was thinking about my previous post, “One Word at a Time”, I’ve been finding it a little hard to get back into the daily groove of writing. I think it’s because there are these other projects on my plate at the moment. The thing is I don’t want to procrastinate – another habit of mine (sheepish grin), but sometimes you just cannot force it. It’s a tricky balance sort of like the Tricky Cat pose in Yoga (gosh, that was so random, but you get my drift right?). The lasses of Creativity and Inspiration have other ideas in mind right now, because I seem to be getting lots of ideas for new items for the shop. I’ll tell you about the latest one next week and I’m so excited about it. For that I am grateful; it’s just that the wistful part of me longs to go back to the Enchanted Realm, although I am not sure what will come next. We’ll see how it goes, and if the lasses will help me with that in the week to come.

Have a great weekend!

You know the funny thing about writing is that sometimes you simply just do not know what to write. Sounds a little confusing doesn’t it? But you know what I mean. These last few days I’ve been thinking about the second part or rather book in the Enchanted Series – and coming up a little blank with ideas. It was the same way with the first; I’d sit at my work station (by this I mean my comfy sofa) and stare longingly through my window at the trees outside hoping that they would in turn bring to me that bright little light of inspiration.

Inspiration is like that and anyone who creates, whether written word, art, craft can relate to this. Creativity is a free lively girl dancing from flower to flower in her own garden of beauty – and we, those who bring her light and beauty can only wait…or, take it one word at a time. It sounds droll, but really is a good bit of advice. Sometimes waiting for the inspiration only makes one even more frustrated and thus, even less likely to be created and inspired. If you ask me, those two (Creativity and Inspiration), are best friends,playing sport with our shaky artist nerves. So if one cannot write, take it one word at time- then do something else – like make something!

This weekend, while waiting for the elusive pair, I made myself a pretty bookmark :


and re-organized the files on my desk, replacing them with these pretty bags and labels:


Well, in the end it all helped, and inspiration came slowly in. You see that’s the thing about these two – sometimes you just have to allow them to be, to ebb and flow in their own way.