I used my lunch break to take a stroll to the shopping mall not far from where I work. Besides the blaring lunch hour traffic I always enjoy these mini-trips because it’s a chance to be creative in a way. Most times I don’t go looking for anything in particular but almost everytime I leave with some little knick-knack or the other. Toady I bought some mini bouquets of silk flowers and also an inexpensive alphabet stamp set. I think both will come in handy later tonight when I work on some cards and/or tags for the shop.

I’m counting down the days until I’ll be home again, when I can dedicate myself to my heart’s desires: writing for art and crafting for play. I’m a thinker or perhaps a better term is ‘daydreamer’ or ‘muser’. My ‘musing time’ is very important to me. It’s when I do nothing and creativity takes over and new ideas form and take shape. This ‘musing time’ is very important to my writing and my play. It’s the thing I’ve probably missed the most. I like the idea of lovingly creating my life and evrything in it. For me, my physical life, revolves around my home and I’ve missed just being home, playing in my couch (by that I mean crafting *smile*) or drifting off into my own little Narnia. I miss seeing a new pattern and painting it on the bathroom walls just because I felt inspired to do so. I miss early morning thrift excursions. I miss not having a routine. So now, as you can imagine I’m looking forward to all these things. Just the simplicty of creating, of being at play of just being able to be – fully.

I’m still working on the website, last week I had quite a bit of a hassle getting some graphics. I really need to get my own photoshop software. Furthermore, I fear my computer is balking under the pressure of all the work I’ve been doing since last August and it’s quite possible that I’ll need another before the year ends. I’m all for a MAC at this stage but I will continue using my current laptop, if not for anything but the sentimental attachment I have to it.

We’ll see how it goes…