In the Magical Forest, little Emily and her puppy Chloe discover a cluster of trees with twisted trunks…


Today I started thinking about ideas for a short picture book and of course I started to come up with illustrations too. I love ideas…can you tell? Perhaps this will be better than my novel. Either way I find I like writing or expressing certain ideas, such as childhood or those that will relate most to children. I think that’s the centre of my art or creative expression.

I was also thinking about summer projects and mostly I need to do some spring cleaning. My craft cupboard is a little messy and needs some organizing. Of course I’ll be knitting too but what I’m really excited about is the art class I’m starting soon. I draw a lot on my own but I thought it would be interesting to try a formal class. The last one I did was in high school.

Yesterday I checked out and I’m excited about working on my first post. I’m enjoying this journey into art or rather another form of self-expression. Stay tuned for my IF posts.