Well, what do you know I’ve been tagged by my Fairy Friend Ronni. Ronni is a Fairy Healer, Animal Intuitive and of course, an Artist.

Hmm… this is my first tag, I think I’m supposed to write eight things about myself. Well here goes:

  1. I love fancy goldfish. I try to keep them alive for more than six months but it’s yet to truly happen. The man at the pet store keeps telling me that I need to get at least a fifty gallon tank, but I don’t have the space right now…drats! So for now I am quietly nursing that little love of mine.
  2. On the whole I’m pretty reserved and what people like to call ‘dreamy’ but when they  get to know me they encounter my playful side. I’m very child-like in many ways and my husband is convinced that I’m still four years old in my heart. This is the part of myself that is most dear to me because it keeps me connected to  the truth of my heart.
  3. I’m very spiritual. I beieve in Angels, God, Fairies and that our souls never die. Next to family, my spirituality is my deepest love and of course writing and making stuff.
  4. I went to graduate school but forget I actually did most of the time. The most important things to me are love and being creative. I have to write and create and such…
  5. Speaking of writing, I love to keep journals, I think I have more than eight right now. Maybe it’s a writer thing but I love buying journals and filling their pages with my thoughts. Writing is my art.
  6. My favourite craft….. I love all sorts of crafts, but maybe my favourite would be embroidery and sewing. I started in prep (middle) school and it has stuck with me ever since. No matter how many new things I try I always go back to sewing.
  7. I collect fancy evening bags (I love those inspired by the 1930’s and 1940’s) and scarves.
  8. I’m very romantic in the truest sense. My soul is deeply moved by beauty and love and my heart swells when I experience beauty in Art.

There you have it, eight things about me *smile*.


In the Magical Forest, little Emily and her puppy Chloe discover a cluster of trees with twisted trunks…

I’ve been having quite the fun time this last week and a bit, checking out Creative Blogs and websites. I’m still pretty new to the whole crafty/art blog thing but it’s amazing to read the blogs of other crafty and artsy folk. To me it all proves that crafting and creating handmade is indeed a form of art and self expression that we can all share.

Here are some blogs and websites I cheked out:

Inspire Me Thursday
Angry Chicken
Posie Gets Cozy
Bella Pink Cafe
Believe Be You

Okay, time to get back to work. I should be done with my IF tonight….on with inspiration!

My first IF. I’m still deciding how I feel about it. My favourite part is the little girl.

I woke up early on Saturday and headed to the art store. Of course I got there early so I had to wait until they opened. Well in the meantime I took some pictures outside, you can see some of the Blue Mountain Ridges in the background and I love the tree …I have a tree thing.

I found all I needed and some more too. If only I could have the same luck with my yarns…. Anyway, I got some pencils and watercolour pencils too. I think people underestimate how fun pencils can be. I love paints, particularly watercolour but sometimes the mixing and clean up is too much of a hassle, so I decided to try pencils instead and it turned out to be quite fun. I’ve been seeing some wonderful art using pencils as a medium. I like the art at, the fairies are fun and the colour wonderful.

I also got some art books. They were really good for technique but after a while I felt a little….I don’t really draw for technique, but for feeling. I guess they’re good for references anyway(*smile*)

Since I’ve started drawing again I’ve realized how much I missed it and colouring and colours. Isn’t it funny how the things you enjoyed most as a child sometimes stick with you even though you may not always remember these first loves. I loved colouring when I was little and picking out colouring books. I remember this one I had in particular – you know one of those jumbo ones with lots and lots and lots of pictures. My favourites were the ones with flowers (*smile*) and scenes from different ballets. I went wild with colours, going outside the lines and using unusual combinations. It really was about what spoke to me on a deep level beyond words.

Then I took classes in school and somehow that personal vision became lost in the perspectives of others and I started to feel that my own art wasn’t really art after all. This was and is sad for anyone. As I grew older I began to remember once again the true purpose of art – divine expression of how we experience our own beings and being in the world. So with that in mind, on I go, a happy little camper again – in love with colour and drawing to my fancy.

Today I started thinking about ideas for a short picture book and of course I started to come up with illustrations too. I love ideas…can you tell? Perhaps this will be better than my novel. Either way I find I like writing or expressing certain ideas, such as childhood or those that will relate most to children. I think that’s the centre of my art or creative expression.

I was also thinking about summer projects and mostly I need to do some spring cleaning. My craft cupboard is a little messy and needs some organizing. Of course I’ll be knitting too but what I’m really excited about is the art class I’m starting soon. I draw a lot on my own but I thought it would be interesting to try a formal class. The last one I did was in high school.

Yesterday I checked out and I’m excited about working on my first post. I’m enjoying this journey into art or rather another form of self-expression. Stay tuned for my IF posts.