November 2007


So remember earlier this week I was yearning for something to read? Well yesterday I finally got my copy of, Last Minute Patchwork & Quilted Gifts by Joelle Hoverson. Although I’ve been curious about quilting in the past it always seemed a little esoteric to me – the patterns, stitching bits of cloth together and such. After having a good go through of the book that has changed and I do find myself delving more and more into the world of patchwork and quilting (there’s a difference between the two.) Joelle’s book is lovely. There are clean, beautiful photographs by Anna Williams and different projects to both try and be inspired by. There’s an explanation of colour, patchwork and quilting basics, supplier list and also recommended reading. The projects in the book are divided according to time, for example, ‘2-4 Hour Gifts’. I’m quite eager to try the Bird Ornaments:


just in time for the Holidays and the Summer Breeze Quilt:


perfect for a picnic on a sunny day with a tall glass of homemade lemonade. 

What I liked a lot about the book was the organized format in which the project instructions were presented and also the interesting fabric combinations used for the projects. It helped me to explore colour in a different light, especially as it relates to print. The book features a variety of quilt projects to choose from and some fun patchwork projects such as the ornaments above, cute needle books and patchwork tablecloths and napkins. Now my copy is sitting snugly on the sofa, waiting to be leafed through again, this time with pencil and paper. I think I’ll start with the needle books first and move on to trying my hand at a quilt. Let’s see how it goes – stitch, batting and patchwork…


A few months ago I came across this really inspiring blog. I don’t remember the name of the blog but it was about a crafter sharing his/ her experience with depression and how knitting helped them to heal and recover. I think we can all remember a time in our lives when crafting was our therapy; our respite from challenges or not so pleasant experiences. Losing ourselves in stitches or scrapping or gluing and embellishing awakened something in our hearts that took us to another place within where we could explore and expand and create. That’s one of the reasons why I love reading crafty blogs. Each blog gives you a little peak into the unique world of someone else and it’s always a sweet surprise to realize that we all do have this one thing in common – that we create from the heart, to bring a little joy to others which in turn brings us more joy and delight. 

I’m getting what I affectionately call, ‘the book itch’ again. You know that feeling you get when you want a cool book to curl up with on the sofa, filled with lots of interesting and inspiring craft projects? I do have one on the way in the mail, but could it get here already! I decided to make Christmas gifts this year and I want to get along with it instead of waiting until the last minute. So far I’m one down and many to go. These lavender booties are for my little cousin.   


I think I may stick to a theme, for example vintage aprons for the women… I’m not sure yet. Meanwhile Ms. Chloë has been pretty quiet. Maybe she’s bored with her toy or grown out of the ‘puppy’ mind set, I don’t know. The other day she came back from the groomers, clean and smelling sweet but pooped! I guess looking cute and adorable does require more energy than previously imagined.  


So for some time now I’ve been thinking about Little Flower Childe and what I want it to be. This last month has brought some changes for me and with my work over at Enchanted Angels and my writing it’s quite a bit to even add a craft business to all of that. I think what I’ve gently realized is that for me Flower Childe Cottage is about sharing my loves and what inspires me in the hope that it will in turn inspire someone to explore the world of creating and crafting in whichever medium or way they choose. For me creating is a place to find a certain kind of healing. Just the distraction of making something would brighten a sad day and carry me into the next. Some of the most challenging times in my life are coloured with creations from a craft newly learnt or an old favourite.  

It is a little sad for me to say goodbye to crafting for business but I’m much happier with how things have evolved. What you will now find at Flower Childe Cottage are things that are truly dear to me that I in turn share with you. Of course you can still find my musings about creating and updates about my stories but in addition you can read about my Healing Herbal Creations, Seasonal Letters for Little Ones, Patterns for Handmade Creations by Little Flower Childe and (drum roll please) ….. The Flower Childe Cottage Mail Order Club! 


 Can you tell that I’m super excited about this? Isn’t it really great when you open mail to find all sorts of goodies all wrapped up just for you? One of my favourite things in the world is getting fun mail and so I thought I’d share this and some of my loves with you. I’m happy and excited to announce the start of the Flower Childe Cottage Mail Order Club. The FCC Mail Order club is a quarterly subscription club. Each subscription is beautifully packaged, enclosed with little goodies and mailed to you. In your mail order you will find:

©       Inspiration Cards

©       A Healing Herbal Recipe from Flower Childe Garden

©       A craft project for big people or for big people who want to craft with little people

©       Ideas for seasonal activities in and healing with Nature

©       A surprise little knick-knack or doo-dad! Subscription announcements will be made here at Flower Childe Cottage. 

Each subscription is $10 which includes postage. The Yule 2007 Subscription will go on sale shortly. Please e-mail: to reserve a subscription or join the mailing list to receive updates.  

So there we have it, my big announcement. Have a splendid day!