Here I am, almost three weeks post-travel and a little tired from all the work I’ve been doing over at Enchanted Angels and Enchanted Angel Paths. It’s nice to be here again, back at Flower Childe Cottage, musing and such. I could talk about the craziness of Hartsfield Airport but it’s nicer to talk about the lovely time I spent in Laguna Beach – the blue, sunny skies, crisp air and musical ocean.  I close my eyes and I’m there again.  

Laguna Beach

Back at home things are quieter. The rainy season in here and days of showers are followed by nights that are truly romantic. Somehow everything seems fresh and dewy and earthy as the bright moon shines down from above. Even Chloë seems more sedate or maybe she just seems quieter because she has a new toy to keep her occupied – either way it works for me. You’ve probably noticed that the Little Flower Childe website is down and that is because I’ve decided to put more of my energy into my work at Enchanted Angels. I’ll still keep Flower Childe Cottage and let you know about new crafy stuff I’ve made or words I’ve put to paper. I could never give these things up you know – writing and making stuff and The Lasses have been rather helpful these last two weeks. Perhaps I’ll put the Etsy shop back up, I’m not sure yet, but everything will be posted here at Flower Childe Cottage. 

Hubbykins bought me these on Saturday. What greater felicity is there than a bunch of soft pink buds about to bloom? What a pretty word – ‘felicity.’ Maybe Chloë thinks so too although she’s probably more concerned with her ball here.  


I’ve scattered them about and of course I had to put some on my vanity so that I could see them in the morning when I wake up. Have you ever felt that there were things in your life that were still buds? Waiting to unfold into bright and brilliant blooms? Maybe that’s what these symbolize for me right now. I made these last Friday:  


Little Key Purses with flower embellishments – naturally! I don’t even remember what inspired me to make them. Now that I think about it, I probably just wanted to sit by my machine and hear its familiar and comforting hum as I sewed away with thoughts of flowers in my head.