September 2007

Just a little note to let you know that I will be away for the next two weeks. All orders received will be filled upon my return. Visit Little Flower Childe to see the new Angel of Hope and Fairy of Dreams & Wishes letters . Until then, wishing you happy days filled with fun and magic!

To dream of the person you would like to be,

Is to waste the person you are.

– Anonymous (The Women’s Book of Positive Quotations, 2002)


‘H’ is for Halloween! I love Halloween. The pumpkins and ghouls and ghosts and costumes. The holiday has become quite popular here in recent years and each year we keep planning to go to one of those big parties, but instead we end up staying home to watch movies and eat sweets. Maybe this year will be different….nah…

My other ‘H”s – Happiness: I believe in true happiness and joy. The kind that makes you feel content with the smallest things and inspires you to see beauty in everything and everyone. Another ‘H’ : Handmade. I enjoy making things and browsing around at Etsy to see all the cool things crafters make and reading craft blogs is one of my favourite pastimes. For me handmade is sort of reminiscent of a charming cottage life where everything is made with love and kept from one generation the next. Nowadays so much is commercialized but nothing beats receiving a beautifully crafted gift, made with love.

Toaday was one of those days where joy and delight meet with frustaraion. I spent most of it working on an article for a magazine which left little time for me to work on the character sketches for the next story. I think the lasses like to tease sometimes; when you’re busy with something else, all the inspiration and creative ideas in the world rush through and around you. Then when you get the chance to scribble everything down, they’ve floated away like smoke on the ether.

Strangely enough moments like these remind me of how much I like to write, especially for children. Such moments awaken that wistful feeling that makes my heart flutter and my soul sing; I would never trade it for anything.

So tonight, I know I will drift off to sleep in the land of stars with sparkles in my soul as I look to a new day, with another chance to bring my inner world to life with words and lots and lots of imagination.

This summer I bought a few books:

Summer Books

Mostly, hobby/crafts books. I learnt more about sewing, tried to improve my drawing (still a work-in-progress),

Knitt Patterns

Experimented with new knit patterns, learnt more about ‘cottage style’:

Cottage Inspiration

And even bunnies ( I definately want one now):

Bunny Book

And through it all, kept my Craft Cupboard in tact:

Craft Cubboard

This was probably the first summer that I’ve never bought a book about writing. Strangely enough, I think this worked out for me. I got to explore another part of who I am and enjoy a childhood love – making stuff. And in the end it only made me love writing even more.

Now summer’s at an end and with happy expectation and hope I return to my papers and notebooks and my longtime love. Me and the lasses, in the garden again, weaving stories in the quiet afternoons…


The Letter ‘G’ – ‘G’ is for goldfish. I love goldfish, particularly fancy goldfish… you now those nice plump, pretty coloured ones with the long fan tails. They always remind me of a dream – as if they’re suspended in mid-air or something. I love dreams and I love goldfish. The thing is I haven’t had much luck with keeping them alive. Goldfish keepers keep telling me that I need a big tank but I’m so charmed by the quaint idea of a round goldfish bowl with one goldfish right here on my desk to keep me company while I write. Hopefully Ms. Chloe won’t get too jealous. Every time we walk by the pet store I almost always have to go inside to look wistfully at the goldfish. Hubbykins sort of rolls his eyes with a look of amusement mixed with, ‘are we doing this again?’ Then I buy the goldfish anyway, take it home and hope and pray that it stays alive. They don’t and I have a little heartbreak and Hubbykins gives me the same look again, only this time there’s some sympathy mixed in. ‘Perhaps next time,’ he says, and the little hope stirs in my heart again…

My other ‘G”s – I remembered them last night! Hmm…I’ll have to get back to this.