August 2007

Hurricane Dean passed over the island a week ago on Sunday. Without the intention of wanting to sound noncholant, I have to say that for us (as in my neighbourhood) it wasn’t really that bad – perhaps because we’ve had worse. Since Gilbert in the early 1990’s hurricane have taken up their own ‘special’ position in the psychce of Jamaicans. Some say Gilbert humbled us (because so many did not take it seriously) because of its devastating effect on the country and since then we have become really, really cautious about Tropical Storms and the like. The mere possibility of an impending storm sends everyone into what I like to call, ‘Hurricane Mode.’ We flock to the shops and supermarket to buy supplies: candles, kerosene oil, crackers, batteries and the very popular – corned beef. We stock up on extra candles and catch water for storage and buy gasoline…you know just in case. I think it’s interestng that experience can be the greatest teacher. We learned from the experience of Gilbert which transformed us into a country that is prepared for the onset of Natural Disasters – something to be proud of for a relatively young nation.

Well the storm passed and our recovery was good, most of us had light and water within two days and things are getting back on stream. Now it’s time to start thinking about my book again and where Emily’s next adventure will take her. The truth is, I’m not very sure at the moment. Sometimes these things just come and as I’ve said before there’s no use rushing the lasses called Creativity and Inspiration. I think as every writer knows – it’s nice to know. It’s nice to have a blueprint, a roadmap of the journey of every piece of work. But most times than not, the story unfolds itself in its own way and time. What can a writer do but simply write? Write until it comes, write until the story gently awakens, takes your hand and leads you down the path of its own unique adventure and journey.


Fairy’s Fairy by Josephine Wall

‘F’ – is for Faeries/Fairies/Fayres/Fae/Fey the intrinsic inhabitants of nature who inspire our imaginations and show us how to care for our Earth and all that exists from and in it. Faeries have so many incarnations from winged sylphs to tree spirits and magical creatures such as unicorns.

My other ‘F”s – Faerie Art (such as the one above by Josephine Wall), Fun, Fried Fish and Bammy (another Jamaican favourite). 

This morning I was thinking about my previous post, “One Word at a Time”, I’ve been finding it a little hard to get back into the daily groove of writing. I think it’s because there are these other projects on my plate at the moment. The thing is I don’t want to procrastinate – another habit of mine (sheepish grin), but sometimes you just cannot force it. It’s a tricky balance sort of like the Tricky Cat pose in Yoga (gosh, that was so random, but you get my drift right?). The lasses of Creativity and Inspiration have other ideas in mind right now, because I seem to be getting lots of ideas for new items for the shop. I’ll tell you about the latest one next week and I’m so excited about it. For that I am grateful; it’s just that the wistful part of me longs to go back to the Enchanted Realm, although I am not sure what will come next. We’ll see how it goes, and if the lasses will help me with that in the week to come.

Have a great weekend!

‘E’  – is for Enchantment. I like things to be beautiful, enchanting… and as such I like the idea of enchantment. I think Enchantment sometimes has a negative connotation attached to it. Maybe people think of trickery or illusion. When I think of Enchantment, I imagine beauty, charm the awakening of something wistful within us due to inspiration. To be enchanted is to connect with that place within us that is inspired by beauty, for example the mysteries, wonder and magnificence of Nature. Enchantment also makes me think of fairies but that’s for my next post (*smile*). 

My other ‘E”s – elephants (aren’t the baby ones just so cute?), expression (especially self-expression through art and creativity), eggs (I love scrambles with cinnamon bagle and cream cheese).

‘D’ – is for….dolphins! Dolphins are one of my favourite animals. They have such a playful, open, loving and peaceful energy. Having a dolphin experience is truly therapy. The first time I saw a real, live dolphin was at a dolphin park in Ocho Rios. When the dolphins swam up to us, I was like, wow – totally overwhelmed by the size of these creatures. I got over it pretty quickly though and when I touched the dolphin, I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered that it felt warm. So much for high school biology.

My other ‘D”s – dumplings: fried dumplings, a Jamaican staple that I am yet to perfect. They’re good with ackee…yummmm. Other ‘D”s: dogs (I love English Cocker Spaniels…did you meet my Chloe?) dancing – especially ballet and belly-dancing, dandy-shandy – a fun childhood game…kinda like dodge ball but without the net and a lot less violent.


‘C’ – is for Chloe, my trusty assistant who keeps me company while I write, muse and make stuff. She just turned one year old. Her hobbies are poking her little nose everywhere, chewing her favourite toys, shedding on almost everything and barking at her own reflection. But most of all she loves curling up at our feet.

My Other ‘C”s – cats (I’m not a big fan), cashmere (very soft and comforting), I don’t have that many ‘C”s it seems…ah well.


‘B’ is for butterflies – I like butterflies or flutterbies as I like to call them. They symbolize soul evolution, growth, emerging and change. They are also a symbol of purity and beauty.

My other ‘B”s – bunnies (especially the ones with floppy ears), bun and cheese (an Easter tradition in Jamaica), bundt (they make my favourite cake shape)…let me see…how could I forget? BOOKS of course! I love books and reading books and keeping books for journaling.

Well that’s my ‘B’. Have a lovely weekend.

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