June 2007

My first IF. I’m still deciding how I feel about it. My favourite part is the little girl.

I woke up early on Saturday and headed to the art store. Of course I got there early so I had to wait until they opened. Well in the meantime I took some pictures outside, you can see some of the Blue Mountain Ridges in the background and I love the tree …I have a tree thing.

I found all I needed and some more too. If only I could have the same luck with my yarns…. Anyway, I got some pencils and watercolour pencils too. I think people underestimate how fun pencils can be. I love paints, particularly watercolour but sometimes the mixing and clean up is too much of a hassle, so I decided to try pencils instead and it turned out to be quite fun. I’ve been seeing some wonderful art using pencils as a medium. I like the art at http://www.moonpaw.com/, the fairies are fun and the colour wonderful.

I also got some art books. They were really good for technique but after a while I felt a little….I don’t really draw for technique, but for feeling. I guess they’re good for references anyway(*smile*)

I finally got around to cleaning out my supply cupboard – well one of them at least. It feels like a whole new breath of fresh air and maybe some empty spaces. Tomorrow I’m going to the art supply store for new pencils and some other things, I hope I find everything I need.

Since I’ve started drawing again I’ve realized how much I missed it and colouring and colours. Isn’t it funny how the things you enjoyed most as a child sometimes stick with you even though you may not always remember these first loves. I loved colouring when I was little and picking out colouring books. I remember this one I had in particular – you know one of those jumbo ones with lots and lots and lots of pictures. My favourites were the ones with flowers (*smile*) and scenes from different ballets. I went wild with colours, going outside the lines and using unusual combinations. It really was about what spoke to me on a deep level beyond words.

Then I took classes in school and somehow that personal vision became lost in the perspectives of others and I started to feel that my own art wasn’t really art after all. This was and is sad for anyone. As I grew older I began to remember once again the true purpose of art – divine expression of how we experience our own beings and being in the world. So with that in mind, on I go, a happy little camper again – in love with colour and drawing to my fancy.

Today I started thinking about ideas for a short picture book and of course I started to come up with illustrations too. I love ideas…can you tell? Perhaps this will be better than my novel. Either way I find I like writing or expressing certain ideas, such as childhood or those that will relate most to children. I think that’s the centre of my art or creative expression.

I was also thinking about summer projects and mostly I need to do some spring cleaning. My craft cupboard is a little messy and needs some organizing. Of course I’ll be knitting too but what I’m really excited about is the art class I’m starting soon. I draw a lot on my own but I thought it would be interesting to try a formal class. The last one I did was in high school.

Yesterday I checked out IllustrationFriday.com and I’m excited about working on my first post. I’m enjoying this journey into art or rather another form of self-expression. Stay tuned for my IF posts.